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About Me

Hi, I’m Alfonso. That’s all the personal stuff that I’m going to say.

And about why I write this blog, well, Who cares?

Feel free to contact me : alfonso.cama@hotmail.com

Good luck.


  • Alfonso L. Castaño, Javier Cuenca, José M. Cutillas, Domingo Giménez, Jose J. Lopez-Espin, Alberto Pérez-Bernabeu: Parallelism on Hybrid Metaheuristics for Vector Autoregression Models. HPCS, July 2018. [PDF] [Slides].

  • Alfonso L. Castaño, Javier Cuenca, Domingo Giménez, Jose J. López-Espín, Alberto Pérez-Bernabeu: Obtaining the coefficients of a Vector Autoregression Model through minimization of parameter criteria. OLA, February 2018. [PDF] [Slides].


  • VAR Models for Time Series Modeling and Forecasting, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Electronics, November 8th, 2017. [Slides]